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Azerbaijan ( Sheki )

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Azerbaijan ( Sheki )

albania facebook facebook albania facebook.albania sheki


Sheki is situated in northern Azerbaijan on the southern part of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, 325 km (200 miles) from Baku.The population of Shaki is 63,000.
Sheki is surrounded by mountains and oak trees. Because of its natural beauty, Shaki is one of the towns with the greatest tourist potential in Azerbaijan


Sheki Khan's Palace in Sheki, Azerbaijan

Hotel Sheki Palace

Ancient Christian Albanian (Caucasian) Church in Kish village, Azerbaijan

Kish , the oldest of Azerbaijani villages, is known for the unique ancient Albanian temple. It has a special status among Christian Albanian monuments. It is valuable not only as an architectural monument but also because of its outstanding historical significance. The official date of its birth is the 1st century AD when the territory of Azerbaijan was included into Caucasian part of Albania. Historians assume that the temple was founded by apostle Elisei who brought Christianity to Albania : " Elisei having received the Orient as his lot went from Jerusalem to Persia and started to preach with his three pupils; there he was prosecuted so he arrived in Kish where he founded a church and made a bloodless sacrifice"
During the peak of Christian religion on this territory the Temple was very popular; however, later it was forgotten and has miraculously survived. Even now the Temple amazes imagination with its beauty. The bright red spiked hip- roof "burns" in the sun. There is a cross on the tall dome. The thick walls of the Temple are decorated with small windows. It is cool inside the Temple even in the hottest weather, the air t ere is saturated with antiquity and the it seems like the God's presence is tangible. The visitors throw coins in a special niche making a wish. The internal walls of the Temple, unfortunately, have peeled off and decayed. But in one place there is still a layer of ancient plaster. People believe that if a coin stucks to this spot the wish will come true. The yard of the Temple is also interesting. There you will find an ancient burial place covered with a transparent plastic dome. One can see the ancient people's bones llying several meters deep. There are a number of such burials on the territory of the Temple. Apparently, there were buried attendants of the Temple or holy people who had deserved the right to be buried at the foot of "the House of the God ". The height of the buried people is amazing - two meters and taller.

P.S. Don't mix Caucasian Albania with Albania in Balkans.
Karvansaray during the festival

Amusement park in Sheki

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