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Abraj Al-bayt Makkah

abraj abraj2010 al abraj alabraj

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Abraj Al-bayt Makkah

abraj abraj2010 al abraj alabraj
Good Morning

I went with my family to Mecca at the last month of Muharam(Forbidden) from year 1430 Al-hejra

and the beautiful thing about this subject is that our lovely friends from the gulf countries are there because this time is a holiday for them

So the atmospheres were great

and thank god because this had made it possible for me to communicate with them about so many subjects

and this if I had met some of them in my way to Al-haram or in a coffee shop or in a restaurant

the point is that Mecca has a special character when they are there

and may god bless them and keep them always happy

as for the residence

the home towers which is called Abraj Al-bayt in Arabic are very near to Al-Haram

from the beginning of the 8th floor to the 12th floor

well,, the home towers include many hotels
and each one of them is completely independent form the other one

at which they distribute in different towers and also different floors

such as Zamzam’s Hotel ,,, Safa Hotel ,, Al hejra Hotel ,, Sarah Hotel,, Al makam Hotel ………………etc

and these towers ( home towers ) include a great big mall which takes 3 floors and a special floor for the restaurants

and the coffee shops are distributed every where and one of the is the star bucks

also there is a hospital in the last level

it’s in the 11th floor at the same floor of Zamzam’s hotel

of course the prices are very expensive

as for al diwan hotel

the entrance of the reception near the main door of the tower as whole

When you enter the tower 5 meters and it will be in your left side

and the reception contains one table and few chairs and a disk for the employers

there are three lifts next to it … that takes you directly to the hotel itself

of course the decoration of the hotel is like the decoration of the flats

as for us we stayed in a flat that has 3 beds

and beneath it ,,, there is a council with small davenports

and two bathrooms

and it also has a sink ,, an electronic oven and a table for eating

and a big flat television that includes 52 channels

of course there is house keeper in the hotel that cleans the rooms every day and change the sheets ,, the soaps and the tissues

abridgement the flat is great

and each time I will visit Mecca I will stay there

it only coasts 106$

and I consider it a good and a suitable price

it’s better than to stay in a hotel that has a small room which prevent us from moving and doing everything we want

for information as for the flat which is formed of 2 rooms its price is 173$

good bye profiteering

and now here are some pictures for the flat I hope you will like them

the first picture from the entrance side and it begins calibration until going up

and if you noticed the flats is such like 2 floors

or it’s exactly a floor and galf

the upside pictures were due to my digital camera and the lightness were very light because of the flash

now here are the pictures which I took with the camera of my mobile without the flash ,,, only with a light lightness in the flat

I hope you liked the report
You can fine more and more nice photo cities report Click Here
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Re: Abraj Al-bayt Makkah

I want to go there ,, inshallah I will go soon ..
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