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Uninted States Super Package ! (Orlando 3)

errachidia tazenakht اسطنبول بالصور خارطة اسطنبول بالعربي

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Uninted States Super Package ! (Orlando 3)

errachidia tazenakht اسطنبول بالصور خارطة اسطنبول بالعربي

Time for goodbye has arrived, or as local people there call it, “Apple goodbye” .
On the 20 August 2007, we checked out of the hotel and started our journey towards

Florida, the Orlando City.

We arrived at the airport and my departure was at 11:30 am
we arrived two hours earlier just for precautions but when we entered the airport, I was shocked.
The queue there could’ve been a kilometer long and we were terrified of missing our flight and the things that followed that like booking another flight or what airline to take. Only just a million questions

50 minutes left for the flight and we’re even half way through the queue until one of the airport employees appeared calling out our flight. The blood in my veins started running again and raised my hand shouting “Me! Me! Me!!!”
So here we went and gave the lady our passports and tickets, feeling happy beyond words until she told me “You have extra weight.” In America, each person could carry a 23 kg bag and me and my wife carried two bags. Each is 29 kg approximately; I had to pay an extra amount of course but I didn’t get frustrated or any other wave of depression because I knew that we were going to make it to the flight and continue the journey me and my wife planned.

The lady told us that since we have International tickets,
she won’t accept the extra amount of payment for the extra weight.
I thanked her and bolted towards the gate.
Long queues seemed to follow us everywhere.
Security over there is pretty tight and closely monitored. “ Get your laptop out, kiddo.’ ‘Let me check your pockets’’
It’s the same like any other airport in any other country but more tight and closely followed. Anyways, the plane took off (with us in there too) for two hours and 40 minutes.

We arrived safely at the Orlando Airport; after the bags, we went to the basement for the hiring offices, to be more specific, I went to the GPRS office where I already booked a car with insurance and a BUDGET system to help me while I’m driving. It only took 10 minutes until I got

I switched on the GPRS to help me find our hotel; in no time, we reached our hotel, Fairfield Inn® by Marriott® Orlando Lake thanks to the GPRS. The hotel is located in an area in which it contains three other hotels which looks like Tourist Village with only one entrance. Of course, each hotel has its own hotel card. (If you’re interested to know the three hotels are called:
• Courtyard Orlando Lake
• Buena Vista in the Marriott Village
• Spring Hill Suites by Marriott Lake Buena Vista

What your opinion about the car?

The hotel I booked in, Fairfield Inn is a four star hotel with a price of $100 (including Breakfast buffet continental) with 5 nights & 6 days. The main reason I chose this hotel was because it was close to Sea World and Disney World which I have planned to visit during this journey. Also, it’s prices are amazingly at the normal range with the hotel being only set up for six months; it has a nice swimming pool with a bunch of restaurants that are suitable and belong to the village atmosphere. Everything about it told me that I’ve made the right choice choosing it with one exception. It’s only disadvantage was that it didn’t have safety boxes in the reception, in my opinion; I placed my belongings in the safety box in the lobby.

This Hotel Picture

Main Entrance



Swimming Pool

The Food Court

Our Room

We changed and settled into suitable clothes and drove to the Orlando Premium Outlets (of course with the help of the GPRS). It’s mall which is only 4 minutes away from the hotel in a car. First thing, the mall is amazingly huge with popular brands with very reasonable prices. We had lunch and started exploring the mall. We reached Vanilla Fudge where this man in the picture below started entertaining us while working and we tasted it. I can’t even find the right words to describe the taste!

Time passed without us realizing that the mall was shutting its doors, so we went for a ride around the area and had dinner then back to the hotel.
It’s 7:30 am and we have a free breakfast. As I mentioned before, it was a buffet continental where most of its serving were different kinds of bread, cheese, jams, cornflakes, freshly squeezed fruit juices, cake, and waffles (but you make your own waffle). You put the mixture in the machine, when it’s done, it’ll give you a sign.

This the machine I spoke about it before .

mmmmMMMMMmmm..Sooo mouth- watering!!!!!!

Then we went off to Sea World

This is a picture of a man who is, in a way, an entertainer and takes pictures with Sea World visitors.

The squirrels over there are in a big population; every time I look at this picture below,I remember how I used to run after them non-stop. They’re so cute!

اOne of the most popular views and form of entertainment there, was the dolphins

There’s a short video of how it was like:

To View The Video Click Here

Also, one of the most spectacular shows , was the Shamu show.

After the magnificent time watching & learning about Sea World, we went for lunch and around 5 pm we went back to the hotel. We rested for couple of hours then rode to Cirque du Soleil ( the globally known French Circus) and watched La Nouba

If you don’t live in the states, I bet you don’t realize how popular this show is; each day, it performs twice. One at 6:00 and the other are 8:30. It’s closed for two days each week and also, it’s preferable to book before the show at least 5 days before the performance.
Of course, the performances are extraordinary. Below the stage.

it has its own souvenir gifts shops.

This link below is a small video clip, I hope you guys like it:
Click Here
Obviously, the stage is located in Disney Downtown where it’s Disneyland. In Disney land, there a lot of different shops, clubs and many many different forms of entertainment. After the performance & dinner, and a walk through the nights of Disney Downtown, we went back to our hotel.
((Next section of Disneyland will posted soon))

To Be Continued. . .
would follow if we miss our flight.
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Re: Uninted States Super Package ! (Orlando 3)

ooooooh ,, I love it (L)
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